Dating and marriage rituals in china

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Dating and marriage rituals in china

So, is it logically possible to have all these things before your 30’s? Typically, this is a woman who is in her 30’s and doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.A lot of native city girls who are educated, have a job and looking for the perfect prince charming to sweep them off their feet are in competition!The engagement process is a bit different than that of the west.In China, the families must approve and upon approval, the groom’s family will start giving ‘grand gifts’ to the family of the bride.

oh wait, did I mention that the average salary of a Chinese college graduate is 3000 RMB a month, an average apartment in Shanghai is 28,147 RMB (US,542) per square meter, and an average car is more expensive than it is in the US because of the import and customs tax? Literally meaning left over women, it’s a label no woman wants.

Recently, many women from the country-side will go to bigger cities in hopes of finding a husband and “better life.” Usually since women from the country side will have lower standards than those native to bigger cities, it might be easier for them to find their match, leaving a lot of native city women “剩女.”Family members can put on the heat!

With the one child policy, a lot of parents, grandparents, close relatives and even that cousin who’s your aunt’s sister twice removed will be asking “so, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend yet?

After all this you must be wondering how much the average price for a wedding in China must be.

If we’re just talking about the banquet itself, the average for one round table (seats 10 people) at a five star hotel costs about 2,000 RMB each, but can get as high as about 10,000 for even fancier ones.

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Surely you’ve heard of or e Harmony, websites helping those who are single look for their significant other. There are “Marriage Markets,” where the parents will write a synopsis of their child and try to find a match with other parents.